Přehled vydaných beta verzí Legacy 9
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- Legacy code and language files are unchanged. Re-compiled to force install for new FamilySearch update from Luc.
- LegacyFS.exe - FamilySearch has some required API changes again and this build is for the new way of doing things. Luc says there is a known search bug that he will fix in another release. He was unsure if the changes will affect Hint calls to FamilySearch so this might be good to test to and to let him know if you see any problems.
- 0009234: [Reports - Book Reports] People with Invisible Child-Parent Relationships are not being omitted correctly in Descendant Book. (Dave Berdan) - vyřešený.
- 0009276: [Reports - Book Reports] Descendant Book Child Lists are including Events for the Spouse (Dave Berdan) - vyřešený.
- 0003428: [Reports - Other] Legacy 8 - Calendar List Report - Blank Line for divorced couples, Options not saved (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0004264: [Reports - Book Reports] Ancestor Report and Web Pages - Includes private marriages of children when show spouses is selected (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009139: [Reports - Chart Style] Incorrect label for User ID in Pedigree Chart Report (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009251: [Internet - Create Web Pages] Pedigree Style Web Page includes Find A Grave ID and Family Search ID when you set it to only show Find A Grave ID (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009344: [Reports - Book Reports] Ancestor book report puts the first generation label far to the left when you have it set to left-justified (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009144: [Reports - Chart Style] Problem with MRIN in Descendant Chart Report (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009366: [Events - Other] PRIVATE Shared Events in Chronology Report (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009394: [Reports - Chart Style] Notes for children appear in the Family Group report when you turn this option off (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009270: [Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Problems with Privacy handling and Chronology Reports (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009354: [Media - Media Gallery] When User does a Media Cut From Gallery, Pop-up Warning Message is not able to be turned off (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009177: [Reports - Chart Style] Pedigree Chart Report - Issues when Ancestor Colors are being used (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009231: [User Interface - Other] [frmAddrX] show the same Windows keyboard shortcut for Address List and for Add Media (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009371: [Tools - Potential Problems] Gaps tab: Inconsistent upper limits (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009295: [Reports - Book Reports] cremated and buried are both showing for females in spanish book reports (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009263: [View - Trees] Tree Finder - keyboard shortcut Alt-E assigned to two buttons (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0004998: [Reports - Book Reports] Book Reports: User customized compiler settings do not save (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0006173: [Reports - Chart Style] Record Selection - Tag numbers from 4- 9 do not stick (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008050: [Sources - SourceWriter] SourceWriter is a Deluxe feature but Legacy Standard users have access to it (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008295: [Reports - Other] Page Setup - Border Lines not working (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008297: [Media - Media Gallery] When sorting media in the media gallery after pasting a picture from another person that picture goes away (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0009272: [Reports - Chart Style] Date prefix not following setting in 5.7 for circa in Family Group Report Lifespan for parents (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008649: [Reports - Books & Charts] Date Prefixes are not following 5.7 prefixes for prefixes on other spouses and parents in a Family Group Record (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008751: [Tabs - Chronology View and Report] Marriage notes are not formatting correclty with carriage returns (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008859: [Reports - Other] Marriage list report does not show other spouses for females, only for males (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
- 0008903: [Media - Media Gallery] Removing and then adding a photo to the Media Gallery has unexpected results (Dave Berdan) - uzavřený.
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