Přehled vydaných beta verzí Legacy 9
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- New Help File. (maybe. It has a date of June 28th)
- Family View - For Spanish language Nińos should be Hijos.
- Reports - "See attached sources." will only be exported for blank notes if both master source and detail are included on reports.
- Legacy FamilySearch - Made a change so that the FamilySearch username and password could be blanked out on the Hints screen.
- Legacy FamilySearch - Fixed issue with SQL database that is used to hold data.
- Legacy FamilySearch - Auto-Download Feature
- Reduced the amount of memory required by the program
- Currently there is an issue with downloading LDS ordinances some ordinances are not downloaded. Luc is working with the developers at FS to resolve the issue.
Odkazy ke stažení všech souborů k aktuální beta verzi najdete zde: http://www.legacyczech.com/download/beta.php.

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