TNG 10.0.3 (24.8.2014)

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TNG 10.0.3 (24.8.2014)

Příspěvekod michal » 24 srp 2014 18:36

Dnes byl vydán nový build TNG 10.0.3. Největší změnou je přepracovaný manažer opravných módů.

Změny v jazykových souborech češtiny, které se týkají buildu 10.0.3, nejsou součástí instalačních souborů a stáhnout je můžete zde:

Aktuální český překlad TNG 10.0.3 (verze z 18.11.2014):

Kompletní český překlad:
Změny v českém překladu proti předchozí verzi TNG (pouze soubory, které byly změněny od poslední verze):
Po stažení obsah zip souborů nakopírujte do příslušné složky TNG (languages\Czech-UTF8 a languages\Czech).

Nový build 10.0.3 obsahuje dále tyto změny:
Age Calculation: Ages were not being calculated correctly if the vital dates contained a "BEF" or "AFT" prefix (fixed).
Ahnentafel: Custom events on the Ahnentafel chart were not being sorted chronologically (fixed).
Branches: When adding or creating a spouse and assigning him/her to a branch, the branch designation was not being saved (fixed).
Cemeteries: The field that holds the cemetery image path name has been widened to 255 characters.
Cemeteries: The option to have a cemetery photo open in a new window was not working (fixed).
Cemeteries: Cemetery photos were not being sorted correctly (fixed).
Cemeteries: A link back to the cemetery was not showing at the bottom of the images assigned to that cemetery (fixed).
Cemeteries: Pages showing multiple cemeteries (eg, for a city, county, state or country) will now paginate if there are more than 5 cemeteries present.
Custom Events: Standard events imported into the custom events table (because they contained extra information) were showing in the "Other Events" section of the Edit Person/Edit Family/Edit Source pages (fixed).
Export: LDS info was not being included in a GEDCOM file when the file was being exported from the public interface (fixed).
Export: The GEDCOM export was improperly handling multi-line data in the PAGE tag for citations (fixed).
Families: Searching for a person whose name contained a surname prefix was not finding the proper results (fixed).
Families: Children added to a new family would always have the plus sign (indicating they have their own children), whether they should have had it or not (fixed).
Mail: Email using UTF-8 characters was not representing those characters correctly (fixed).
Media: The Random Photo script was not working on some sites (fixed).
Media: Media that was linked to a living or private person could still be accessed if that same media was also linked to a non-living or non-private person (fixed).
Media: When opening a media item in a new window, the new window was using the wrong character set (fixed).
Media: The HTML window within the rich text editor for media has been widened to 850 pixels.
Media: Special characters in custom media collection names were not being properly decoded for ISO-8859-1 sites (fixed).
Mobile/Tablets: The left-side menu on the Admin pages was not being supressed for tablet devices (fixed).
Mod Manager: The Mod Manager team has introduced several upgrades and improvements.
Notes/Citations: Creating a new person record was sometimes causing "phantom" notes and citations to attach themselves to the record if those items were previously attached to another person with the same ID (fixed).
People: The Birth, Death and Christening abbreviations on a person's page will now be shown in bold to make them stand out better.
Places: If places with media attached are merged, the place(s) that no longer exist after the merge were still linked to the media (fixed).
Search: The "Other Events" section on the Search Families page would open but not close (fixed).
Search (Admin): An error would result when searching from several of the Admin pages if the search criteria contained a double quote (fixed).
Sources/Repositories: The Call Number field has been widened to 120 characters and moved to the Repositories table where it belongs.
Suggest: The Family ID was missing from the page when the form was launched from the family group sheet (fixed).
Templates: The "arrow down" image for template 12 was changed to a darker color so it wouldn't be invisible where it was placed.
Users: The "Activated" date was being reset every time the user record was updated instead of only when the record was created (fixed).
Users: On the Admin/Users/Email screen, it was impossible to select a branch (fixed).
Users: The email sent when a tentative change was submitted was going to the wrong email address (fixed).

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