TNG 12.3.0 (17.3.2020)

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TNG 12.3.0 (17.3.2020)

Příspěvekod michal » 19 bře 2020 13:22

Aktualizace obsahuje opravy některých menších chyb.
Seznam změn v této aktualizaci:
• Albums: When adding a media item from a custom collection, the collection name was not displayed (fixed).
• Branches: The search on the public Branches page would not work when a default tree was selected (fixed).
• Cookies: The cookie approval was expiring after 7 days instead of one year (fixed).
• DNA: Relevant links may now be opened in a separate tab.
• Headstones: Latitude/longitude info entered for a headstone could not be displayed (fixed).
• Import: Change dates represented on a single line (e.g., "1 CHAN 05 Nov 2014") are now recognizable.
• Languages: Minor corrections made to some messages in various languages.
• Languages: Three messages from each text.php file were moved to the common section at the bottom.
• Logs: Some UTF-8 characters were not being displayed correctly in the TNG logs (fixed).
• Logs: The Log Settings page would sometimes fail to save (fixed).
• Logs/Security: Log entries will now screen out attempts to log redirection and other malicious code.
• Media: Thumbnails could not be made from images that were marked with an orientation in the EXIF data (fixed).
• Mod Manager: A few minor bugs were fixed.
• People/Places: Admin searches will attempt to enable SQL_BIG_SELECTS in order to allow searches in larger databases.
• PHP: Several adjustments were made to make TNG compatible with newer versions of PHP and to eliminate many "notice" errors, especially those generated by the import.
• PHP: The "get_magic_quotes_gpc()" function was deprecated and has been removed or commented out from all pages.
• Register/Ahnentafel: Notes were not always displayed in the correct order (fixed).
• Search: The popup that appears when mousing over search results was not showing IDs for children (fixed).
• Search: Search terms that included apostrophes were causing the search to fail on subsequent result pages because a slash (\) was being added before each apostrophe (fixed).
• Security: Malicious characters could be passed through to the search utility on at least one page, leaving it open to an SQL injection (fixed).
• Settings: Saving the General Settings would cause the subroot.php file to be overwritten with old code (fixed).
• Suggest/GEDCOM: The "Send a copy" option has been removed from these pages because it had become a common spam target.
• Templates: Links may now be opened in a separate tab.
• Templates: Template #8 did not include the Albums link on the home page sidebar (fixed).
• Templates: The Login link on the home page of templates #9 and #10 has been made more visible

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