Stránka 1 z 1 (10.1.2017)

Napsal: 10 led 2017 19:49
od michal
- FamilySearch - Added the filter "Auto-Matched" to just display the Yellow-Yellow arrows
- FamilySearch - Fixed a bug when if there are a large number (more than 30,000) of linked individuals to check in "Update Matched" LFS would have an error.
- FamilySearch - Yellow arrows stay with the individual until the user click on the "finished sharing" button in the Shared Tab.
- Help - Fixed some help topics.
- Reports - Fixed a Living suppression problem on Ancestor book reports.
- Reports - Fixed sorting of rare date formats.
- Reports - Suppression for marriage info fixed in Desc Narritive report.
- Web Pages - Marriage source for living people on Pedigree web pages were showing when private.
- Web Pages - Pedigree Web Pages - Option about including Christening/Baptisms is not working.
- Web Pages - Sources were showing on marr info on Pedigree web pages when private.
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